Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm Bad at This.

So it took me another month to figure out, "hey, maybe I should post again!" And then conveniently enough, a friend sent me and email telling me to regardless. Well here we go, today's topic is inside jokes, or ones that go for a long time.

Everyone has them, something that is capable of producing such intense laughter that it can kill you and your friend but any onlookers would have no clue as to what the hell the point was. Weird, but awesome, cause who doesn't love them?

So for all of my friends out here, these are for you.

"Can Opener."

"Against a Wall."

"Let's watch a few episodes of 'Friends' eh?"

"That's uncanny!"

"Sup personwhohasnoideawhatthisisaboutbuttheoneguywouldfindthisfuckinghilariousifheeverreadit."

And none of you know more then two of these. But there are a few out there that are laughing right now, or at least smileing. Fascinating.

Okay so Fig's question of the day is:

"How much wood would a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck could Chuck Norris?"

Monday, March 10, 2008

Took me Long Enough

So I haven't touched this thing in almost a month, shame on me. I always end up forgetting about something after I have started. NOT THIS TIME. I swear I will keep this useless little thing running for longer then necessary.

So yeah...no idea what to talk about...

Oh I know something, have you ever found yourself having an "old man moment?" A moment in which you think "things never used to be like that" or "kids never used to be that bad" or maybe even "men weren't always pigs like that" when you were never actually alive to see the used to be. I have these constantly, there is a large amount of my generation that disgust me. Don't get me wrong, there are a large number of people that fill me with hope everyday, but so many of the kids these days are brought up to be scum.
Another thing I find rather sad, my better half gets an endless amount of amusement out of how gentlemen-like I can be at times, she thinks that my sense of chivalry is a novelty. It makes me wonder what girls these days must be dating if one such as myself can really be considered so odd. I just like to be helpful.

Anyway, Figgy's Question of the Day:

"Was today just another Monday?"

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dummy Sheets

This is something that I do every day and take for granted I guess, I have never seen anyone else do it anyway. It's kind of odd. I guess I should explain.

I have always been a person that presses way too damn hard when I am writing something in school (or anywhere else for that matter) so for most of my school life I have utilized what I call a "Dummy Sheet." A dummy sheet is a piece of looseleaf that I will place behind the one that I am working on so that no marks will be transfered over onto any work or sheets behind it. I re-use these sheets until they are too messed up to continue with it's job.

Like I said, kind of odd.
Anyone else ever do this, or even get what I mean?

Anyway, question of the day:

"Life or living?"

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cat Forcefield Technology

What do you all suppose would be the benefits of "Cat Forcefield technology" to a musical cast trying to get their show to be better. My friend Christian feels that it would be the answer to all of our problems, but before I take a plane out to Amsterdam to get the damn stuff I would like to know that it is worthwhile. Just a though.

Anyway, Figgy's question of the day.

"What do you think is a good age to start having sex? And why?"

Thought they would all be philosophical? I think not!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Figgy's Funny Phrases #1

You know what is a really funny word/phrase?


Is that considered chocolate cigarettes or just well hung licorice? :D

First Little Thought

Okay, obviously Malcolm has had some affect on the way that I'm thinking because I'm starting to get these plausible yet ultimately pointless ideas. This one is kinda of controversial so if you have a had a close friend of family member commit suicide please don't read on for you own sake.

All gone? Okay then, my idea is simple, a suicide proof pill dispenser. It would be an electronic container (maybe pezz-esk) that would only allow one to remove one to two doses of a certain medication within a certain amount of time. Maybe it would scan fingerprints or something along those lines so that anyone who really wants to can get others to help them.
This could also be useful for the older, more forgetful med-taking population. It would tell them whether or not they had taken their dose for that day and maybe even keep an electronic record of what days the dose was in fact taken. All seems too pointless and expensive to bother but you never know what the future might bring.

Plus lets have another of "Figgy's Question of the Day"

"Does faith in the message but not the messenger, void the promise?"

All you Berwick guys should have seen something like this on the bathroom wall, been there for a few years now.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Could We Start Again Please

So this isn't the first time that I have tried to start up a blog, but this time I think that I will actually be able to get somewhere with it. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

My name is Thomas, for anyone who doesn't know, but I have gone by my middle name Sean for all of my life. Either one is fine with me. Just no Tom or Tommy crap, I'll kill you in my sleep (no that wasn't a typo.)
On just about every online game that I play/have played I am referred to as FiggyJuice??? so I figured I would take advantage of that for this little collection of curiosities.
On this blog you will find posts about anything that I think of in the run of a day, stuff that I find funny, sad or even just plain infuriating. I can't garuntee it will be useful or even all that interesting but it will be honest and often very strange.
This whole thing is thanks to my buddy Malcolm and his blog over at http://obfuscatism.blogspot.com/ which happens to be filled with all sorts of nice little brain goodies. Check him out, he's as genius as he is insane.

But I will end off early because it is very late right now and I have a big day tomorrow, leaving you with my very first "Figgy's Question of the Day."

"Is there always action when you have lights and a camera?"

Answers are always interesting, trust me, the others will be better.